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Welcome to AMBIT DIN: The Breadth of Fresh Air

In celebration of the 20 year history of Auricular Records, the experimental/soundart record label is announcing plans to create a sister label, Ambit Din. With the new label Auricular Records aims to explore and provide a vehicle for the release of a new canvas of soundart focused on field recordings. There will be four separate divisions to Ambit Din in order to properly classify the releases:

ethnikos - a way to document oral presentations and ethnomusicology

naturae - aimed at the collection of environmental recordings and bioacoustics

envirounen - audio documentation of environments such as workplaces and cityscapes

arte - avant-garde, experimental and ambient music projects utilizing field recordings as the source material

Initially, there are plans to release a small number of compilations that include recordings from each categorization together to serve as an overall introduction to the label. Releases will be limited, hand numbered editions.

We are actively seeking artists interested in participating - anyone interested can contact Ambit Din through Auricular Records at info at auricular dot com or read over our submission guidelines.